What Do I Have to Do to Make a Boost Phone Work With a Nextel SIM Card?

Answer All cell phones need a wireless network to connect to. A Boost phone can work with a Nextel SIM card as long as there is permission from both Nextel and the old wireless network. This permission an... Read More »

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Will a SIM card from Nextel work in a Razr phone?

A Nextel SIM card will work only in the Motorola i9 Stature, a Razr-style phone built specifically for the Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) used by Nextel. The Nextel SIM is not associate... Read More »

Is the Nextel i836 a Boost phone?

The Nextel i836 is not a Boost phone. However, it was manufactured by Motorola for use on the Nextel cellular network, which includes Boost Mobile's prepaid service, therefore the Nextel i836 will ... Read More »

Will a new Boost Mobile SIM card work in the i833 Baby Phat cell phone?

The Motorola i833 was offered by multiple wireless providers. A Boost Mobile SIM card will work in a Boost Mobile or Nextel-branded i833, but i833 phones from other providers will have to be unloc... Read More »

Can Nextel & Boost Use the Same Phones?

Most phones are interchangeable with the networks they can work on. Switching a device from one network from another, such as from Nextel to Boost or vice versa, requires a process called unlocking... Read More »