What Do I Do if My iPhone Won't Keep Its Charge?

Answer Your iPhone's most demanding consumers of battery power are its screen and wireless features. If you use them conservatively, you could dramatically lengthen the time you can go between charges. Yo... Read More »

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What to do when iPhone 3g wont charge?

You buy a new charger or sell the Iphone or smash it.

What do you do when your iPhone 4 wont charge?

take it to an Apple repair shop and get them to change the battery. Check that it is not the USB cable or adaptor that is at fault before incurring repair costs

IPhone 3g wont work with universal dock it says in the box iPhone iPhone 3g and iPhone 3GS and comes with the connectors but it says this accessory is not made to work with iPhone?

Lg viewty wont charge When its charging it should be able to turn on but it gets to the bit where the vodafone thing comes up turns off and goes to charging again but it still doesnt charge?