What Do I Do With My Vegetable Plants Once I Cultivate Them?

Answer With rising food prices and the difficulty of finding vegetables that have not been treated with pesticides or radiation, you may prefer to grow your own vegetables. Once you cultivate the vegetab... Read More »

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I bought a pepper plant with three plants in the same pot. Should I separate them when I plant them?

I got two pepper plants in one jiffy pot. What I chose to do was to clip one off so as not to disturb the root system of the other. This is probably the best choice. When transplanting bare root yo... Read More »

I need to get multiple fillings done, should I do them all at once or spread them out?

With today dentistry having a filling is pain free and if by some chance you do have any pain you only need to let the dentist know about it so he/she can numb the area more. I agree with the last ... Read More »

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What soil is needed for vegetable plants?

The best soil for growing vegetables is a soil that is loose, well-draining and has nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. To add these nutrients into soil that is lacking, add wood... Read More »