What Do I Clean in My House When Someone Has Pinworms?

Answer Measuring 1/2 inch in length, pinworms are an internal parasite that can transfer from one host to another via their eggs. Pinworms can live in the body for several years without presenting any sig... Read More »

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Why does my house phone have static when u call someone or someone calls u?

You need to rule out that it's not your actual phone unit. Try unplugging in another phone and if you still have static then it's in your lines and can easily be fixed by calling the phone company... Read More »

If i pay someone to clean my house can i shower and walk around naked?

No I don't think you could, ever hear of indecent exposure. If that was my job and I showed up to someone naked I would refuse to clean your house.

What number do you call when you think there is someone in your house.?

Take it easy folks, it might seem obvious to us, but we don't know if the question is from a youngster or someone else who might genuinely not be certain if an emergency call is warranted in such a... Read More »

What do u buy someone 4 their house warming when they already have everthing.?

a great smelling candle, candle holders, a house plant, a nice wreath for thier front door, a matt for the front door, a serving platter, some frames for their may think they have ever... Read More »