What Do Hopi Indians Make?

Answer The Hopi Indians, descendants of the Anasazi Indians, are a group of Native Americans who reside in northwestern Arizona on a 1.5 million acre reservation. The Hopi, which means "peaceful people," ... Read More »

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What type of clothes did the hopi indians wear?

The Hopi Indians are a Native American tribe of what is now the southwestern United States. Their clothing evolved through many centuries of rocky desert dwelling. It typically highlights conservat... Read More »

How to Make Hopi Silver Jewelry?

The Hopi tribe of American Indians has a rich and colorful culture, which is expressed in part by the tribe's spiritual traditions, distinctive cuisine, stories and songs and arts and crafts. One c... Read More »

How did Indians make beads?

Beads were some of the first pieces of jewelry that Native American Indians made. All Paleolithic and historic Native American Indian groups made beads of some type.MaterialsNative American Indians... Read More »

How did Indians make arrowheads?

Before the introduction of guns by white settlers, Native Americans made weapons out of stone, wood, shells and bone. One of the defining Native American weapons was the bow and arrow, featuring de... Read More »