What Do Estrogen Blockers Do?

Answer Aromatase inhibitors or estrogen blockers block the production of estrogen, which is known to increase the risk of breast cancer. Humans now have higher levels of estrogen in their bodies than ever... Read More »

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What is the role of estrogen?

Estrogen is the one name given to represent two forms of this hormone. Those two forms are called estradiol and estrone. They both play a role in several body systems.Temperature RegulationEstrogen... Read More »

What reaction do pregnant women have from calcium channel blockers?

The effects of taking calcium channel blockers during pregnancy have not been studied in humans.

What should pregnant women do before taking calcium channel blockers?

Women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant should check with their physicians before using these drugs.

What Are Indicators of Not Enough Estrogen?

Estrogen is often considered a "female" hormone widely associated with fertility and femininity, even though men also produce and require it. In women, estrogen is largely produced by the ovaries a... Read More »