What Do Children Learn With Hands on Activities?

Answer There are many theories about what is the best way to teach children, and one of those theories says children learn best by doing things on their own. This type of learning especially applies to su... Read More »

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Hands on Preschool Activities to Learn the Alphabet?

Young children learn best through engaging activities that grab their attention and interest. It is a teacher's responsibility to create and implement learning activities that encourage student par... Read More »

What Do Children Learn From Bread Activities?

From French baguette to Chinese baozi, bread making involves cooking, steaming or frying a dough of flour and water. Bread is a basic food, and one of the oldest prepared foods. The first raised br... Read More »

What do children learn from playdough activities?

Playing with play dough helps children develop creativity (and pride in their creations) along with aiding in fine motor skills development.

Importance of Hands-On Activities for Teaching Children Mathematics?

Mathematics at a high level can be a very abstract subject. Dealing with the infinitely large, the infinitely small, in an infinity of dimensions can be trying for a concrete thinker. Children tend... Read More »