What Do Bullheads & Catfish Eat?

Answer Three main types of catfish -- bullhead, flathead and channel -- live in water systems throughout the U.S. With over 2,000 species worldwide, some of the strangest members of the catfish family swi... Read More »

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How to Kill Bullheads?

Bullheads, a breed of catfish, multiply at a fast rate and can crowd out other fish and turn pond water brown and muddy. Killing bullheads may be necessary to preserve both the beauty of the pond a... Read More »

How to Tie a Catfish Rig?

Fishermen target channel catfish and flathead catfish most often when fishing for catfish. Both fish feed on the water's bottom, so one of the best rigs for catching them is a bottom rig, which kee... Read More »

How to Unhook a Catfish?

Catfish are characterized by the presence of prominent barbells located close to their mouth. The barbells serve as tactile organs and are quite similar to a cat's whiskers. Different types of catf... Read More »

What do flathead catfish eat?

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, flathead catfish only eat other live fish. Young catfish eat worms, insects and crayfish. Adult flathead catfish eat carp, suckers, sunfish, largemouth bass a... Read More »