What Do Blue, Silver, Black and Red Colored Speaker Wires Mean?

Answer Not all speaker and electronic device manufacturers use the same colors to identify wires. That said, there are some general guidelines that can help you to identify which wire goes where when hook... Read More »

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How Can I Connect Multiple Speaker Wires Stereo Terminal/Speaker Input?

Connecting more than one set of speakers to a single speaker wire terminal is NOT recommended. The reason for this has to do with loading and impedance. Hooking up more than one speaker decreases... Read More »

How do you hook up new black white and green wires to 2 old white wires and 2 old black wires?

Answer Black to black and white to white, the "new" green wire is a ground wire can be put into the electrical box with a wire nut over the end

How do you hook up cheap speakers that come with two sets of wires..'hi channel' blue wires?

Don't listen to Stooge he's being Stooge. The two sets of wires can only be for the seperate speaker elements within the unit and are provided separately so you van drive them with different amplif... Read More »

How to Hide Speaker Wires?

Audio speakers are used in a number of different applications in the home. Stereo sound equipment makes use of at least 2 speakers, while home theater setups may utilize 7 or more speakers placed t... Read More »