What Do Blue & Gold Macaws Eat in the Wild?

Answer The blue and gold, or blue and yellow, macaw is native to the rain forest and Neotropical areas and is primarily a herbivore. Seen less and less in the wild, the species is falling prey to trade. T... Read More »

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What do blue&gold macaws eat in the wild?

In the wild, blue and gold macaws eat fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and occasionally, mice and insects. They will also occasionally eat small amounts of clay to obtain salt and other minerals.Ref... Read More »

How to Breed Blue & Gold Macaws?

Blue and gold macaws are intelligent and sociable birds. They get their name from their coloring. Blue and gold macaws can live to be 60 years old. When they find a mate they stay with them through... Read More »

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'Iris missouriensis' is the scientific name for 'wild blue iris'. Among its other common names are 'wild blue flag iris', 'Rocky Mountain iris', and 'blue flag iris'. But whatever the name by which... Read More »

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