What Determines the Colors of Eggshells?

Answer The color and breed of the chicken determines the eggshell color. In other words, genetics controls the color. While the egg is formed in the reproductive tract of the hen, pigments are deposited o... Read More »

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What are similarities in teeth and eggshells?

Answeregg shells are alike teeth because they have the same calcium salts, calcium keeps the teeth healthy and strong, teeth also contain calcium carbonate, and proteins, also sea shells, bones, an... Read More »

Can you compost eggshells?

You can compost eggshells. Eggshells, however, are slow-composting items. To speed the shell's compost time, break and crack the shells into small pieces before you add them to your compost bin.Ref... Read More »

Do Ducks Eat Their Eggshells?

Ducks do not eat their eggshells. However, they do require a steady source of calcium in their diet in order to produce strong, healthy eggshells. You can chop unused eggs and feed them to your duc... Read More »

Can you use eggshells for compost in a garden?

Yes, because eggshells (crashed) are good for acid soils and contain calcium.