What Defines a Man or a Woman?

Answer The signs designating areas specifically for men or women are everywhere: men's restrooms and women's restrooms, the men's section and women's section at a clothing store, men's and women's locker ... Read More »

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What defines my car as a lemon?

On One Hand: Needs Repeated Repair.Lemon laws vary depending on the state in which you live. However, a typical lemon law says that a car becomes a lemon when it must be returned to the dealership ... Read More »

What defines a big block engine?

As Tyler said, the block itself and not displacement determines if an engine is "big" or "small" block. The "Big Three" Detroit automakers each produced a line of physically smaller V8 engine bloc... Read More »

What Defines Tuscan Colors?

To learn what defines Tuscan colors, look no further than Tuscany, Italy. Visitors will find this region's homes--and countryside--often include warm shades of red, gold, green and brown. Tuscan co... Read More »

What defines a sedu hairstyle?

A Sedu hairstyle is created with a Sedu ceramic flat iron. This flat iron is designed to create straight styles while eliminating static and frizz that can happen when using other flat irons.Iron D... Read More »