What Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor tastes the best?

Answer Oreo!

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How to Make a Blizzard at Dairy Queen?

Making blizzards at Dairy Queen are amazingly easy once you know how. All blizzards are made with different ingredients. In this example, I will describe how I make a small brownie earthquake blizz... Read More »

Why did Dairy Queen get rid of the cotton candy Blizzard?

It was probably on a trial basis. It tastes a lot like vanilla. Contact their web site and ask them. you joined the Blizzard Fan Club? It's legit...

Whats a good name for a flavor that tastes like an almond snickerdoodle?

Do quaker original flavor instant grits have dairy?

No, there's no dairy ingredients in there. None of these contain gluten specifically, either. However, Quaker doesn't consider this to be gluten free, last I read, so that may be the reason it's an... Read More »