What DSL speed is needed for PC TV?

Answer Generally a 1 MB per second DSL connection is sufficient enough to watch television on a PC computer, but will occasionally be slow to load. Faster DSL Internet connections will improve the functi... Read More »

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What wind speed is needed to make a wave?

Wind at even the lightest of speeds can make waves. Waves are created by wind blowing over a stretch of ocean or body of water. The wave size depends upon the distance the wind blows, the length of... Read More »

What speed is needed to leave the Earth's atmosphere?

To leave the Earth's atmosphere, an object needs to be traveling at approximately 11 kilometers or 7 miles per second, which is over 40,000 kilometers or 25,000 miles per hour. This speed is known ... Read More »

What router is needed for cable high-speed Internet?

Any router labeled as a broadband or cable router will work with cable high-speed Internet service. A router labeled for DSL and cable will work with both, and a router labeled as DSL will not work... Read More »

What download speed is needed to stream video without delays?

The quality of streaming video is determined by your Internet download speed as well as the traffic volume from the source site and the size of the video being watched. A download speed of at least... Read More »