What D-SLR should I buy $800 and below.?

Answer The Minolta QT si uses auto focus lenses that will work on any Sony dSLR. Sony bought Konica-Minolta a few years back and uses the same lens mount system on their own cameras..If you have several l... Read More »

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My son has hair about 6 inches below his waist, what should i do?

Ask him. If he likes it, let him keep it. If he doesn't, get him a haircut! If you cut it, and he doesn't want it cut, it may be confusing for him, after all, his mommy and daddy have long hair, w... Read More »

What Hardrive below should I choose I only have the following options?

SATA and mSATA are just basically a different type of drive mSATA specifically is just miniSATA. Although it all depends, Solid state hard drives are faster than SATA based drives because SATA port... Read More »

What is a hard lump forming below the main gum-line but below a molar that had caused pain but was not treated and now only tingles and could it be related to your pregnancy?

Answer Some changes to a womans pregnancy can be related to pregnancy but its best to see your doctor or dentist to be certain. Take care.

What font should I use for my new "Get Down and Double Check" tramp stamp that I'm getting below my navel?

Why not do it in traditional Chinese characters (hanzi)?Then it could mean anything from "insert here" to "broccoli beef this way."