What Crops Do Farmers Grow That Deer & Elk Eat in Oregon?

Answer Whitetail deer eat over 600 species of plants in North America, according to the Whitetail Deer Hunting website, and this includes many crops grown in Oregon. Elk typically prefer grasses over food... Read More »

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Farmers Crops That Deer & Elk Eat?

Farmers grow a range of different crops throughout the USA, in both home and commercial situations. The long-standing banes of a farmer's livelihood are the animals that take advantage of these cap... Read More »

When do Nebraska farmers plant their crops?

The planting date for Nebraska farmers varies with the crop. Most farmers will wait until after the final frost in May to plant crops, but some plants are cold-hardy and can be planted sooner. Aspa... Read More »

What Crops to Plant for a Deer Lease?

Planting a deer lease is a fairly easy undertaking. Since deer for the most part will eat practically any vegetation, chances are good that they're already near your lease and you won't have to do ... Read More »

What are some good crops that can grow in clay?

Two words: soil amendments. Perhaps these two: soil conditioning. It's not as important what is grown as what the soil is treated with. Climate conditions set aside, that is. With a smaller or grea... Read More »