What Country Do Most Diamonds Come From?

Answer Diamonds have been used for centuries to show love and adoration to its intended wearer. Diamonds are the symbol of everlasting love as well as royalty, purity and invincibility. Those born in the ... Read More »

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Before 1720, where did most diamonds come from?

Before 1720, most diamonds came from India, and diamonds were once a form of Indian currency. In 1720, large diamond deposits were discovered in South America. Diamond deposits were later found in ... Read More »

Which country has the most diamonds?

Botswana and Russia consistently produce more diamonds than any other country and led all other countries in 2007 and 2008. In a given year, one may produce more than the other; however, Russia lea... Read More »

What part of the earth do diamonds come from?

Australia is currently the largest diamond producer in the world. However, the gems are also mined in India, Russia, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia and several countries in Africa, including ... Read More »

What percentage of the world's diamonds come from Africa?

Fifty percent of the world's diamond supply comes from Africa. Gold, uranium, bauxite, copper, petroleum, phosphorites, titanium, platinum, cobat, manganese and iron ore are also major natural reso... Read More »