What Could a Bad Pap Smear Mean?

Answer Receiving news that a recent pap test's results have come back abnormal can result in a scary time for many women. The causes for an abnormal test results can vary in severity, however, and most wo... Read More »

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What do pap smear test abnormalities mean?

A pap test, also known as a pap smear, is done to test the cells in a woman's cervix for the presence of cancer or abnormalities that could lead to cancer. However, not all abnormalities mean they ... Read More »

What do endocervical cells mean if found on a Pap smear?

Endocervical cells are typically found in Pap smears when the sample includes cells taken from the cervical canal. The presence of endocervical cells is often used to decide if a Pap test can be vi... Read More »

What do changes of bacterial vaginosis mean in a Pap smear result?

Pap tests are designed to detect abnormal cervical cells that could lead to cervical cancer. Occasionally, they detect other types of cell changes, like the presence of bacterial vaginosis or yeast... Read More »

37 weeks pregnant and having terrible diarrhea and feeling nauseas all the time could this mean you could go into labor soon?

Answer It may do but it is more likely you have a stomach bug. I suggest you see your maternity care provider. Answer Hello.I'm not really sure, but I would see your doctor about the severe diar... Read More »