What Controls the Rate of Fat Oxidation?

Answer The human body uses oxygen in conjunction with a source of fuel to produce energy. One of these fuels is fat. When fat loss occurs the body is oxidizing the fat and converting it into energy. Certa... Read More »

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Who controls the interest rate?

The interest rate is not generally controlled by one person, bank or government agency. Instead, the interest rate is influenced through the interaction of government policy, market conditions, con... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Oxidation on Car?

Oxidation is caused by the sun's UV rays and other environmental elements. It makes the car's surface look chalky, faded and dull. Washing and waxing won't change the appearance of oxidation. Getti... Read More »

How to Fix Oxidation in Perming?

Perming hair changes the structure of the hair. The chemicals used, typically hydrogen peroxide, cause a reaction called oxidation. The process of oxidation is what relaxes the hair follicles enoug... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Oxidation From a Car Lens?

Over time the headlights on almost every car will begin to look dull and faded from oxidation. Knowing how to get rid of oxidation from a car lens can literally save you hundreds of dollars (the co... Read More »