What Contributions Did J.J. Thomson Make to the Atom?

Answer Joseph John Thomson made several discoveries that helped revolutionize the understanding of atomic structure. Thomson received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1906 for his experiments examining disch... Read More »

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What Part of the Atom Was Discovered by Thomson?

The British physicist Joseph John Thomson discovered the electron in 1897, while conducting experiments with a cathode ray tube. He originally called this particle the "corpuscle," but the scientif... Read More »

What contributions did Dave Chappelle make to the world?

Dave Chappelle made witicisms on pop culture and race in America that were hilarious, but most people upon hearing his name will yell "Rick James, b----!"

What Contributions Did Elijah McCoy Do to Make America a Better Place?

Elijah McCoy, an inventor who lived in the United States in the 1800s and early 1900s, earned patents on 57 inventions in his lifetime. Of his 57 inventions, McCoy's main patents dealt with forms ... Read More »

What contributions did george rogers and clark and john paul Jones make?

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