What Contains Radioactive Materials?

Answer A great variety of radioactive materials exist, both natural and artificial. Many occur as part of mineral formations. Some give off dangerous amounts of radiation, others are weak and barely detec... Read More »

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Uses of Radioactive Materials?

Often associated with energy generation, radioactive materials have other important applications in modern life, such as medical diagnosis, cancer treatment, as well as the productions of sterilize... Read More »

Is radon produced from radioactive materials?

Sometimes. The highly radioactive element radium decays into radon gas. Uranium also decays into radon, after first decaying into thorium and radium. Other materials, such as radioactive carbon or ... Read More »

The Importance of Radioactive Materials in the Medical Field?

With events such as the Chernobyl nuclear station explosion, the Three Mile Island accident, or the more recent aftermath of earthquakes in Japan at the Fukushima station, it's normal that people a... Read More »

What does it mean to be radioactive?

To be radioactive refers to the emission of energy in the form of atomic particles or electromagnetic rays from an element with unstable nuclei. This process, called radioactive decay, continues un... Read More »