What Constitutes a Nursing Home?

Answer A nursing home houses individuals that are not able to take care of themselves due to either an illness or a physical or mental disability. Nursing homes offer 24-hour-a-day services, and are not j... Read More »

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What constitutes as nursing home abuse?

According to the Senate Special Committee on Aging, cited by a 2002 report, 20 percent of U.S. nursing homes are cited for abuse of elderly patients. Unreported elder abuse might outnum... Read More »

What Constitutes Occupancy for a Home Loan?

The condition for occupancy in a home loan is based on your intent and physical presence at the residence. If you're at the residence over 50 percent of the time, you are automatically considered a... Read More »

What are the duties of a director of nursing in a nursing home?

Nursing homes require a director of nursing to supervise the nurses on staff, work with administrators and implement programming. The director of nursing is also involved in the long-term planning ... Read More »

If I'm fifteen and just gave birth I have been nursing since my daughter came home from the hospital should I keep nursing even though I am only fifteen?

You should nurse until your baby is ready to be weaned off. Your doctor will be able to give a rough idea of when.