What Condition Is HGH Taken for in Women?

Answer Turner syndrome, an imbalance of chromosomes that occurs exclusively in women, causes girls to remain abnormally short, without the growth spurt common to puberty. Treatment with human growth hormo... Read More »

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How to Get Your Hair in Good Condition and Straight (for Women and Girls of Color)?

If you are a women of color and have hair that is just naturally curly or poofy hair than this article is for you.

What does research say about pregnant women who are in good physical condition while in labor and recovering from labor?

They aren't as stressed as a normal women giving birth, and they aren't in as much pain as a normal women giving birth. (This question is only asked at Niles West)

If you were treated for a condition in April and got insurance coverage in May would a claim for treatment in October be a pre-existing condition?

AnswerPropably. Did you have prior insurance? For more info see and scroll down the pageAnswerDepends on the diagnosis: broken arm? No .... allergi... Read More »

Distinguish between democratic condition and non democra tric condition?

It helps them save time ,reduces the paper cost which are used in DFA's (Draft for approval) makes thing run very quickly.