What Conclusions Can Be Drawn From Organizational Culture?

Answer Organizational culture includes the values, beliefs, behaviors, norms and artifacts that connect the members of an organization. As in all other cultures, organizational culture develops over a lon... Read More »

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What role does organizational leadership play in creating&sustaining organizational culture?

On One Hand: Strong Organizational Leadership Sustains Culture.Strong organizational leadership is a requirement for creating and sustaining organizational culture. Without strong leadership, organ... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Job Satisfaction & Organizational Culture?

Job satisfaction and organizational culture are closely related human resources concepts. General levels of employee job satisfaction typically impact organizational culture, and culture also affec... Read More »

Diversity in Organizational Culture?

Diversity in organizational culture, if used appropriately could help improve the group's efficiency. The key is knowing its benefit, having the ability to incorporate diversity-friendly procedures... Read More »

Companies Leading in Organizational Culture?

Both employees and employers want a mutually beneficial relationship -- employees want a fair wage and benefits, while employers want highly productive and efficient employees. Nonetheless, definin... Read More »