What Colors Work With Red?

Answer When creating a color scheme, be it for your walls or wardrobe, it is important to understand the basics of color theory. Learning about the color wheel and how tones relate to each other is an imp... Read More »

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Do henna colors really work?

these colors are worth their money they look good too and last for a week but then they go into like really light colors like henna which becomes orange and then yellow which does not look that goo... Read More »

Which Colors of Kool Aid Work Best for Hair Dye?

Unsweetened Kool Aid is a cheap, temporary hair dye that is easy to apply. It doesn't flake off like some spray on hair applications, and it leaves the hair smelling like candy. Darker hair will t... Read More »

Hair Colors That Work for Olive Skin Tones?

Olive skin requires specific hair color dye choices that depend on such factors as eye color and natural hair color. While changing hair from black to brown is a less drastic choice, you'll need to... Read More »

My Sanyo TV color is green and its only 1 year old!!!! We tried to change the colors and it didn't work.Help!?

Take to the service center for Sanyo. Sanyo is a good make by the way. I would call the company and they can tell you were to take it to get it fixed/replaced. This should be their cost because mos... Read More »