What Colors Go with an Orange & Brown Roof?

Answer Make your house a positive presence in the neighborhood by maintaining its attractive exterior appearance. When building or updating a home, determining the paint color can often seem overwhelming.... Read More »

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I'm almost 15, I have brown hair, dark brown eyes, what eyeshadow colors should I use?

Browns, beige and neutral tans. Gray's and charcoals look good with this eye color, as do violet and lavender. You can mix it up with a lavender and a violet.Khaki and olive green are a great color... Read More »

Metal Roof Sealer Colors?

While the primary purpose of a home's roof is to protect your home and is more for functional purposes than cosmetic, roofs can combine practicality with style with the right color choices. Long go... Read More »

I have brown mildew spots all over the roof lining of an old restored car?

You can kill the mold and mold spores with white vinegar. Just wipe the roof lining down with white vinegar (undiluted) on a paper towel. Allow to dry completely.After the vinegar has dried, "pai... Read More »

What flower has black&orange colors?

Probably the only flower that combines black and orange colors is the tiger lily (L. lancifolium), with its characteristic orange petals sprinkled with black dots. The pansy variety "Bewitched" bea... Read More »