What Color Wall Paint Looks Good With Light Blue Berber Carpet?

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What Color of Wall Paint Would Look Good With a Light Green Carpet?

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What color should i paint my room if there's a blue shaggy carpet in it?

You have to use the matching color from your carpet, in my openion you have to use any light color so that it will not be very dark with your wall and carpet.I suggest to visit the following websit... Read More »

What color should I paint my room I have a blue navish carpet.?

There are some beautiful 'shadow' shades of white.. find one that will compliment both the color of your warm toned furniture and cool carpeting. or: - get color - uses a color wheel that ... Read More »

How do i get wet paint out of berber carpet?

Remove the paint from your berber carpet as soon as possible, as this will be the easiest time to do so. Cover the stain with clean water and use a paper towel to absorb the paint. Start from the e... Read More »