What Colleges Give in State Tuition for Neighboring States?

Answer A number of schools across the United States offer in-state tuition to neighboring states. Sometimes this is through a reciprocity agreement and other times it is through a scholarship program. WIC... Read More »

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Colleges That Don't Have Out of State Tuition?

Most public universities have tuition based on where you live. Most commonly, public institutions of higher learning are funded by the state, but sometimes a large city or even a county may charter... Read More »

Why do Washington, D.C. residents get in-state tuition rates in all 50 US states?

B/c if they only got in-'state' (or in-district i guess) tuition for D.C. then they would only have about 4 schools to choose from...its way too small of an area to restrict students like that.

North Carolina Colleges That the State Will Pay the Tuition for People Over 65?

Joining the nationwide trend to promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone, several colleges in North Carolina offer tuition assistance, scholarships and discounted courses for seniors. W... Read More »

Historically Black Colleges That Don't Charge Out-of-State Tuition?

Most of the historically black colleges in the United States are located in Southern and Mid-Atlantic states. This is because these schools were founded in the years following the end of the Americ... Read More »