What Colleges Are Considered Ivy League?

Answer The term "Ivy League" was first coined by Caswell Adams in 1937. The original intent of the Ivy League was to group together colleges with extraordinary athletic teams. This definition has evolved ... Read More »

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Why are some universities considered to be ivy league?

The reputation of excellence associated with the Ivy League is strong, but few students and applicants are certain as to the origins of this elite institutional group. Popularly known for rigorous ... Read More »

7 Ivy League Colleges?

The term "Ivy League college" refers to the eight schools in the Ivy League athletic conference. In addition to being an athletic conference, seven of the eight Ivy League schools were also founded... Read More »

The Eight Ivy League Colleges?

The Ivy League is a term that refers to eight universities in the Northeast part of the United States. Most people don't know the league is an actual sports division. Many people commonly refer to ... Read More »

How Do I Get Into Ivy League Colleges?

Harvard, Princeton and Yale are three prestigious Ivy League universities, as are the University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth College. They all have high academic stand... Read More »