What Cognitive Skills would a 7month old baby girl have?

Answer Stages of Cognitive Development - Between 4 and 5 months: One of the most important concepts a child will refine is the principle of cause and effect. Perhaps while holding a toy rattle he/she wil... Read More »

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You are 29 year old would like to have a baby girl last menstrual period is January 18 2008 YOU ARE PLANNING TO CONCEIVE?

Would a mother's high estrogen level cause a newborn baby girl to have vaginal bleeding and a menstrual cycle?

If your wife is not ovulating she cannot get pregnant. To find out why you need to visit a medical practitioner.

What steps would your fiance have to take to sign over his rights to a child he had with a girl in West Virgina and would a lawyer have to be involved?

Answer An attorney would not necessarily be needed, but a court hearing would. The information needed for the correct procedure pertaining to state laws can be obtained from the court clerk or admi... Read More »

How to Improve Cognitive Skills in Children?

Cognitive skills are necessary in everyday life and essential for decision-making, learning and processing information. According to Learning RX, 80% of learning struggles are due to one or more we... Read More »