What Cleans Old Grout?

Answer Grout cleaning can prove frustrating due to the amount of manual labor involved, as well as the difficulty of trying to restore shine to such a stubborn porous material. If you have old grout, espe... Read More »

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Can you install travertine without grout therefore no grout line?

i wouldn't suggest it. travertine is stone, which will expand and contract with temperature changes. if there is not a grout line the stone will crack

What Cleans Up Oil Spills?

Although the exact method used to clean up an oil spill depends on the type of oil, the location of the oil and the size and scale of the cleanup operation given the circumstances, there are approx... Read More »

What Cleans Silver?

When you buy a piece of new silver, it's usually shiny, bright and clean. Over time, however, silver tarnishes and becomes lackluster in appearance. There are several ways, both store-bought and ho... Read More »

What Cleans Old Sandstone?

Sandstone, as its name infers, is comprised of sand. It is a common sedimentary rock found wherever there is water, such as a river or sea. Sandstone is used for many landscaping items, such as pav... Read More »