What Classes or Degree Do I Need to Get Into the Forensic Science Field?

Answer Although there are no laws or regulations that require that a person working in the field of forensic science to have a degree or certificate, most agencies and others that require the services of ... Read More »

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What Classes to Take to Get Prepared for a Degree in Forensic Science?

Preparing for a career in forensic science can start as early as a student becomes interested in this interdisciplinary field. Becoming adept at a variety of specialized subjects before high school... Read More »

The Classes Needed to Earn a Degree in Forensic Science?

Forensic science combines natural science skills and methods with criminal justice education and participation. Graduates of certified forensic science programs are well versed in the chemistry, ph... Read More »

Classes Required for a Forensic Psychology Degree?

Forensic psychology combines the study of psychology with criminal law. It requires an in-depth knowledge of psychological methods and theories and the justice system, as well as an ability to test... Read More »

What Classes Do I Need to Take for Forensic Science?

Although forensic scientists work closely with law enforcement officials and attorneys through applying scientific principles to help resolve legal matters, they are scientists first. This means an... Read More »