What Classes Do You Need to Take to Get a Degree in Engineering?

Answer According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, while a bachelor's degree is required for all entry-level engineering positions, many employers may prefer that applicants have a master's degree i... Read More »

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What Classes Do You Need to Take to Get a Degree in Civil Engineering?

Civil engineers face a wide array of challenges. They work with existing environments to craft structures such as dams, buildings, bridges and roads. Many civil engineers specialize in one kind of ... Read More »

What Are the High School Classes to Take to Prepare for a Degree in Civil Engineering?

In order to pursue a degree in civil engineering, the high school prerequisites are the same as for any other engineering discipline. Colleges and universities differ on specific admission requirem... Read More »

What classes should be taken for computer engineering?

Computer engineers design the software and hardware for many systems. The projects range from tiny electronic microchips to large automated systems controlling the water flow of a dam. Rigorous cou... Read More »

Classes That Prepare You for Computer Engineering?

The courses that prepare students for a career in computer engineering involve analyzing and solving computer-related problems. Students in a computer engineering program learn about both the hardw... Read More »