What Classes Do I Need to Take If I Did Not Pass the SAT Test?

Answer The SAT is one of the most important exams students will take in their lives, as it is a determining factor in what colleges they may be able to attend. While you cannot fail the SAT, you can score... Read More »

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I need to take a drug test in 2 days. I'm a heavy marijuana smoker. Any suggestions on how I can pass?

I don't smoke, I have heard from friends there is a way of passing a UA. Drink lots of water all weekend to where it hurts to pee. Go to the grocery store and buy stuff called, Sur jell (sure gel) ... Read More »

I have to take a drug peeing test and I like 1/4 of a bottle when will pass all the way through will I pass?

if you dont take drugs you should fly through it mate the way they test if you take drugs is with abit of paper it turns a diffrent colour i remeber from when i had myn they no if you have or have ... Read More »

What Classes Do I Need to Take to Get My AA Degree?

The Associates of Arts degree is a two-year degree that can be obtained from an accredited school in the United States. The course requirements vary from school to school and usually include mathem... Read More »

What Classes Do You Need to Take for Nursing?

As with many degrees, nursing courses require that students complete general knowledge classes including math, sciences, psychology, arts, history and English. The number of these classes that you ... Read More »