What City Had the First Subway?

Answer The first city to have a subway was London, England, where the Underground opened in 1863. Other cities followed, including Glasgow, Budapest and Boston, which in 1897 became the first city in the ... Read More »

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What city dug the first subway?

The first subway--or underground railroad, as it was called at the time--was in London, England in 1863. It was called the Metropolitan and it was about four miles in length. It has greatly expande... Read More »

How much is a subway ticket in new york city?

In 2009, New York City Transit raised the price of a subway fare from $2 to $2.25. Metro Cards are available and allow unlimited rides for a fixed cost.Source:MTA Subway TicketsNYC Subway System

How to Ride the New York City Subway?

Broad Street StationVisiting New York for the first time is an interesting experience. New Yorkers are like no one else. As polite as they are, they often do not make eye contact, they rush to thei... Read More »

How to Get on a New York City Subway During Rush Hour?

You've moved to New York City and you have to get to work by subway. It seems impossible to get on the trains during rush hour. What do you do?