What chemicals do I need for my easy-set pool?

Answer Buying an easy-set pool is the easy part. You likely have the size you want, and are excited to get it set up and ready to use. But before you do, you still have to decide which chemicals to use to... Read More »

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What Chemicals Do I Need for My Easy Set Pool?

Easy Set pools are quickly becoming one of the most popular pools on the market. Consumers who seek ease of care and affordability choose Easy Set pools for their user-friendly design and low cost ... Read More »

Where is the best place in Virginia to buy chemicals for an easy set pool and should it be emptied after summer?

What should you do if you live in Florida and have an unscreened pool and there are minute reddish insects on the surface that bite and your pool man increased the chemicals but it did nothing?

Answer Those darn pests, Is what they are able to do is cruise the water surface without breaking through, We have a product called bug out which prohibits the bugs from walking on the surface, In ... Read More »

Pool question about in ground pool and adding chemicals?

liquid disperses evenly while pumped; I use tabs in a floating basket, which dissolve slowly.Most shock comes in liquid, I would not use powdered shock as it could bleach the color of the liner.wha... Read More »