What Chemicals Are in a Plastic Bag?

Answer First introduced in the 1970s, plastic bags now make up one fifth of the bags handed out at the grocery store. Lightweight, sturdy and inexpensive, plastic bags are a convenient choice for both sh... Read More »

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What kinds of chemicals are in plastic water bottles?

Depends on the plastic type. Typical water bottles that are not reusable are made with type 1 recycling code are PET or PETE plastic and do leach BPA/phthalates +DEHA into water slowly overtime es... Read More »

Are chemicals added when recycling plastic bottles?

Yes, chemical additives are used when recycling PET and PVC plastic bottles. For consumers, most plastic bottles in use today are recyclable. There is a plastic numbering system in place on the bot... Read More »

Pool Chemicals Vs. Spa Chemicals?

Pools and spas have many of the same needs that have to be met in order to keep them clear and safe for swimmers. The main difference is a matter of temperature and size, with each of those element... Read More »

When installing plastic on ceiling studs for a vapor barrier is there any reason black plastic can not be used?

Ceiling studs are called joists and why the hell would you want a vapor barrier on a ceiling?