What Chemicals Are Used to Raise the Alkilinty of Pools?

Answer Pool chemicals used to increase the alkalinity of pool water control the pH level of the water by decreasing acidity. Maintaining proper pH balance in pool water ensures the effectiveness of other ... Read More »

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Do sand n sun easy set swimming pools require chemicals?

Sand N Sun Easy Set Swimming Pools come with a filter that cleans 1,500 gallons of water per hour, but chemicals are recommended in addition to the filter. Contact your local pool supply store for ... Read More »

How to Measure Above Ground Pools to Determine the Amount of Chemicals?

Pool chemicals keep your swimming water clean and maintain the proper pH balance. Too much of one chemical, like chlorine or algaecide, is a waste of money and can lessen the enjoyment of your swim... Read More »

What chemicals are required for upkeep of above-ground vinyl salt-water pools?

Answer The saline system will eliminate the need to add any sanitizing chemicals (pool-chlorine, algaecides, 'shock' chemicals). Everything else about the water treatment remains exactly the same a... Read More »

How do I raise the alkalinity in a hot tub without chemicals?

To raise the alkalinity of water in your hot tub, simply add plain baking soda and mix thoroughly. Baking soda is a powerful alkalizing agent that is widely used and very safe, even if swallowed. T... Read More »