What Channel is Home and Away on it was on go?

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Which channel is the home shopping channel on Dish Network?

Dish Network changes their channels based on what part of the country you are located. The Home Shopping Channel for the west coast is channel 102. This channel features 24 hour shopping.

Which is the better of the best Home Theater A/V Receiver (7.1 channel)?

Future proof is the word to go by when looking at the best receivers.sound options for example, True HD, Dolby digital+,and the most advanced of them all DTS Master Audio.Video options for example ... Read More »

5.1 channel Home Theater VS 5.1 Speakers?

Maniac overstates the cost of a good entry level audio system. I have a proper 5.1 system in my office, which gets a feed from my desktop computer, and it's total cost was about $600, and it delive... Read More »

What channel is America's Funniest Home Videos on?