What Causes the Steering Wheel to Lock Up?

Answer Losing control of your car's steering is a terrifying experience, one that can lead to a crash with horrific consequences. If this happens to you, then you must try to bring your vehicle to a stop ... Read More »

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Reasons to Lock a Steering Wheel?

Vehicle theft is commonplace in most major cities, and it is often difficult to catch the perpetrators. Locking your steering wheel is one of the most low-cost methods of crime prevention, with pr... Read More »

How to Disable a Steering Wheel Lock?

Almost any car on the road today has a steering wheel lock. The lock is designed to deter and prevent a car thief from successfully stealing the automobile. It is generally engaged when the driver ... Read More »

How To Install a Steering Wheel Lock?

A steering wheel lock is an inexpensive anti-theft device that makes it difficult for a thief to drive your car even if he is able to hot-wire it. More importantly it serves as a deterrent since th... Read More »

How to Snap and Lock a Car Steering Wheel?

Many race cars have removable steering wheels for driver safety and efficient use of restricted space. Removable steering wheels made for many street cars are sold as theft deterrents. The idea is ... Read More »