What Causes an Automatic Transmission Not to Be Able to Shift Out of 2nd Gear?

Answer Automatic transmissions have been available for more than 60 years, in one form or another. Many of the first fully automatic transmissions had two forward speeds and required rigorous maintenance.... Read More »

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How to Shift from 1st to 2nd Gear in a Standard Transmission Car?

Drive a car with stick shiftThis guide will explain how to shift from first to second gear in a car with a standard transmission. You'll need to know how to shift into first gear before reading fur... Read More »

How to Shift an Automatic Transmission?

An automatic transmission is an electronically controlled device that facilitates forward and reverse movement for a passenger car or truck. On a typical passenger car or small truck, depending on ... Read More »

Automatic Transmission Shift Problems?

The automatic transmission is one of the most complex components in a motor vehicle. Hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and computer controls work in unity. They work seamlessly until a problem surf... Read More »

How to Remove the Gear Shift on a Manual Transmission Ford F-150?

A Ford F-150's gear shift is simple to remove. It is also a repair procedure that doesn't require disabling the F-150's airbag system, unlike many of the components located in the dashboard. There ... Read More »