What Causes an Alternator Not to Charge?

Answer Your vehicle may be experiencing alternator problems if the battery is constantly dying; but when you have the battery checked for problems, it maintains a consistent charge. The alternator is the ... Read More »

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My New Alternator Won't Charge?

You went out to your car and the battery is dead, again. You just installed a new alternator on your engine, so what can be wrong? The alternator is an important piece of equipment in your car. It ... Read More »

How Do I Charge a 24V From a 12V Alternator?

While most vehicles use a 12 volt (12v) electrical system, many buses (and some boats) utilize a 24 volt system. Some 24v systems actually employ a series of linked 12v or 8v batteries. The 24v sys... Read More »

Does an alternator charge your battery?

The alternator charges the battery in your car. It creates an electric current when it is turned by a belt that is connected to the crank in the engine. Without an alternator continuously charging ... Read More »

What Is an Alternator Core Charge?

When buying an alternator, or other car part, many consumers are surprised to learn that they are charged a core deposit. However, the deposit is returned when the old alternator is returned to the... Read More »