What Causes a Squeaky Noise From the Front of a Vehicle at Lower Speeds?

Answer Squeaking cars leave you three basic options: You can fix the squeak; you can sell the car; or you can begin plotting to take over the world with a legion of trained mice under the hood. Since the ... Read More »

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Would the loud squeaky noise be a hiccup?

It could have been a "gasp", where the person gulped air into their lungs.... or expelled air from their lungs....ORYes, it could have been a hiccup!

Whenever I step on my brakes, it causes a loud squeaky noise.?

You probably need new brake pads. Do it soon or you'll need rotors too and it will be a LOT more expensive.

Do laptop speeds affect the noise levels?

Generally, the noise emitted by a laptop computer is from cooling and heat sink fans, not by the system's type of processor or processor speed. As the laptop gets more use, fans inside can become l... Read More »

What Is a Whining or Singing Noise From the Car When Driving at High Speeds?

When your car makes a high-pitched singing or whining sound while you drive at high speeds, it is helpful to do your own troubleshooting. Listen carefully to figure out where the sound comes from.