What Causes a Loud Phone Hum?

Answer Years ago, telephone systems weren't as sophisticated, and hearing a hum on the line was nothing unusual. In fact, it was expected, particularly when you were talking to someone who lived in a rura... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Loud Noise When the Engine Starts?

When it comes to cars, the unexpected is usually bad and changes in state are almost always for the worse. The following are some of the more common sounds made by a worn engine at start up. Some ... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Loud Noises When a Buick Engine Starts?

Sometimes, you can hear several loud noises when a Buick engine starts. These depend on the engine, but you should investigate some noises immediately. You cannot drive the Buick without further da... Read More »

What causes a loud knocking sound like a jackhammer in home plumbing when water is being?

Answer This is called water hammer. Water is heavy, and when it is moveing through a pipe it will have water flowing from a point that could be some distance away. A 1.5" pipe that is 20 feet long... Read More »

Whenever I step on my brakes, it causes a loud squeaky noise.?

You probably need new brake pads. Do it soon or you'll need rotors too and it will be a LOT more expensive.