What Causes a Laptop Screen to Go Black?

Answer Your laptop screen can go black for a few reasons. Some are simple to fix, but others, such as a backlight problem, might require professional help to repair your laptop. Take extra care of your de... Read More »

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Why does screen go black on laptop?

There are several reasons for it. It could be : Screensaver.Hibernate or Standby Mode.Computer Crash.Virus.Drivers and ProgramsBetter yet, bring it immediately to a nearby reliable pc ... Read More »

My laptop screen gas turned black help!!?

Hello, To get a good accurate answer give the brand, model number, installed operating system of the computer when asking a question as all PC's are not the same. If you connect it to a second ... Read More »

Laptop turns on, but the screen is black?

My suggestion would be to unplug the cord from the connection on the computer, then remove the battery. After you've done that, press and hold the On/Off switch for about 60 seconds, then, after y... Read More »

My Laptop Starts Up With A Black Screen?

if you don't have a recovery disc, change it to windows xp and then reload vista on there, you will still have your files.