What Causes a Dead Car Battery?

Answer Most of us, at some point, have felt that sinking feeling as you settle in behind the wheel, click your seatbelt into place, turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens. Often, a dead car batt... Read More »

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What to Do If a Car Battery Is Dead?

If you find yourself with a dead battery, there are a few actions you can take to try to get rolling again. Jump starting and push starting are the first methods. If they both fail, try charging th... Read More »

Why Does My Car Battery Keep Going Dead?

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How to Fix a Dead SLA Battery?

Sealed Lead-Acid, or SLA, batteries are mainly used in cars, motorcycles and trucks. These batteries are considered maintenance-free, as you cannot top-up the fluid levels in the individual cells. ... Read More »

Why is my car battery always dead?

Car batteries are designed to store energy, a function difficult to perform if there's no new energy going in or too much going out. Although battery damage or age can play a role, these two chargi... Read More »