What Causes a Customer Account Closure?

Answer People look for ways to invest and save their hard-earned money. They stream into different credit facilities, such as banks, to open savings accounts, which establish a relationship with these fac... Read More »

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What Causes Poor Customer Service in Hospitals?

Customer service in hospitals can vary greatly in quality. While some hospitals provide low wait times, friendly staff and professional, unhurried physicians, other hospitals do not have the means ... Read More »

How to Account for Customer Deposits?

Sometimes it makes more sense for a business to submit a down payment of cash up front when placing a business-to-business order. This may be for an unusual one-time purchase or the business may no... Read More »

I recieved customer care email stating that someone added their info to my account. What is this?

Did they ask you to respond to a link? Those are phisher's, looking for your info. NEVER respond to a link from a company, instead enter their web page from your computer---don't just copy the link... Read More »

Job Description of a Customer Account Manager?

A customer account manager does not fall into the same category as the standard manager. The person who takes this position is in charge of resources that a company uses for various accounts and pr... Read More »