What Causes Yellow Leaves on a Hibiscus Plant?

Answer Hibiscus, also known as tropical hibiscus and Chinese hibiscus, are tropical shrubs or trees that produce vibrant-colored flowers and dark green leaves, according to the National Gardening Associat... Read More »

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What causes tomatoe plant leaves to turn yellow?

Is a hibiscus plant that is losing leaves in winter dormant?

Hibiscus plants do not survive well in colder temperatures that fall below freezing. Falling leaves in winter may be a sign of tip die-back. This occurs when a fungus infects the branches and stem ... Read More »

What Causes Leaves on Tomato Plants to Turn Yellow?

With a multitude of diseases, pests and conditions that can harm your tomato plant, it may seem daunting to try and identify and treat a specific condition. Many diseases can cause yellowing leaves... Read More »

What Causes Tree Leaves to Turn Brown & Yellow?

The leaves of deciduous trees are among the most important factors in the tree's overall health. The green chlorophyll in leaves permits the tree to photosynthesize and use light as a source of ene... Read More »