What Causes Washboard Roads?

Answer Many of us have driven in remote or rural areas and hit a stretch of washboard on unpaved roads. You feel the jarring and hear rattles as you thump down the road hitting one bump after another. Was... Read More »

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What causes the most accidents on the roads speed ,slow drivers or women drivers?

Inattention to the task at hand. Talking on the phone, painting nails, shaving, reading, eating, drinking, smoking, etc. takes up space in a driver's mind, and leaves no room for calculation when ... Read More »

What are toll roads On my GPS is there is an option of avioding Toll Roads, but I don't know what they are.?

Toll Roads are usually State or Federal Highways that require you to pay a toll before traveling on them. The toll is usually about $2.00. Sometimes, people want to avoid paying money, so on your G... Read More »

How much of the u.s. roads are rurals roads?

Probably 95%. Countryfolk live miles apart, and the whole midwest is covered in a maze of roads. That's why the children of the corn can remain undetected.

How to Make a Washboard Clock?

The introduction of battery-operated quartz clock movements has provided hobbyists with the opportunity to create clocks in a wide variety of designs. One such design is a washboard clock that not ... Read More »