What Causes Warped Brake Discs?

Answer Brake discs (also called rotors) are those all important parts of the brake system that are squeezed by the brake caliper and brake pads when the brake pedal is pressed, which, in turn, slows the v... Read More »

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What are the causes of warped brake rotors?

Brake rotors play an important role in a car's brake system. Properly functioning brake rotors provide smooth and effortless stopping. However, brake rotors can become warped, negatively affecting ... Read More »

Causes of Warped Brake Rotors?

Brake rotors are like almost any other vehicle mechanical part in that they are susceptible to damage. Although not a routine source of major mechanical problems, brake rotors can become damaged or... Read More »

Causes of Brake Discs Grinding?

A car's brakes are among its most important components, both in terms of safety and performance. Brakes help the driver keep control and avoid accidents. The two major types of automotive brakes ar... Read More »

What Are the Causes of a Warped Flex Plate?

A flex plate is basically a molded piece of thick sheet metal that is used to connect the engine to the transmission. Even though flex plates are built keeping their exposure to heat and corrosion ... Read More »